Knowing Vienna

Vienna is one of the great European capitals. This was for centuries the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

As stated above, this city was the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and despite this period is long gone you are able to sense and see the well preserved patrimony. Palaces and monuments like the Hofburg Imperial Palace take you back to that period. This city is splendorous with the mixed old and historic type with the contemporary one. Vienna’s fine and amazing architecture rivals with other European destinations such as – London, Paris and Rome.

This city is also related to art, specially to the musical world. Visiting Austria’s capital means experiencing works of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven and many others amazing composers. Before leaving the city make sure you visit to the Haus der Musik.

Vienna has a cool vibe and gives you the opportunity to visit various coffee houses, bistro pubs where you experience amazing food of talented chefs.

Vienna is, definitely, an amazing destination. This city offers you culture and art along a relaxing and cool atmosphere.