Sensing Brussels

Belgium’s bilingual capital and governmental center of the European Union is surprisingly, for some, not as dull or boring as many people think.

Anyone who visits Brussels for the first time gets surprised with the city center liveness. Like in any big city, in Brussels you get hit by the buzz in the city. This city is “divided” in two areas: the Lower Town, spreading out from the splendid Grand-Place, with its good-looking guildhouses and town hall, while on the other side, lies the much smaller Upper Tow,  home to the finest art collection in the country in the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts. Brussels is a beautiful city, home of Art Nouveau. So, expect to be overwhelmed with the monuments you’ll se.

The fact of Brussels being a multicultural city allows you to be in contact with the various cultures since the city has people from North and Central Africa and Turkey. In one corner you have a typical African bazaar and in the other you have a chi chi shopping.

Nightlife in Brussels is energetic and expect to see and visit cool cafes and bars.

Before leaving don’t forget to taste Belgium’s chocolate and take it home with you. This mouthwatering chocolate is a true sin for chocolate lovers.