Getting to Know Prague

Prague is the jewel in the crown in the Central Europe. This city is romantic, cultural and stunning.

This city is full of history, with its historic Old Town follows a planning for the city from 1000 years ago, with ancient squares and zigzagging cobblestone streets. This makes the city perfect for the drifting traveler, always willed to explore a little further. Just a few blocks away from the Old Town Square you have ancient sanctuaries, unexpected gardens, cute cafes and old-fashioned bars. This makes Prague as one of the most preserved cities in Europe.

Prague may not have the cultural buzz of Paris, but this city has also a good repertory. This city is full of Bohemian art pieces in the Convent of St. Agnes, to the art nouveau and the amazing collection of the 20th century surrealists.

If you are an beer love… oh well, Prague is going to give you the beer of your life. Here it’s the best beer in Europe and even in the World.

This city is going to give you a lot of fun, and for sure, you’ll will include it in your repeatable destinations.