London's (Multi)Cultural Experience

London is one of the most visited cities and capitals all over Europe and the World. Not a surprise when you have a city that combines beauty, history, culture, good food and gives you a good time.

London city is highly multicultural with over 270 nationalities. Probably you will meet someone from your home country. English may be the common language, but for sure you’ll chat in your mother language and maybe relate with something from your own country. This multiculturalism has reflect on the gastronomy, clothing, music listened and others.

In the cultural and artistic aspect, London is one of the richest European cities with museums, galleries, breathtaking sights, pioneering music, writing and design which make London one major city representative of the contemporary art. Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye are iconic places to go before leaving this city.

In summary, London is one of Europeans most wanted and search by tourists for all the reasons above. London will give you a good time and an experience to remember and to repeat.