The Inspiring Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful, historic and inspiring capitals in Europe.

This city is historical since its founding. Rome, former heart of the mighty Roman Empire, is the result of 3000 years of urban development. Ancient icons like the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon areproofs of Rome’s big empire. What’s more, beyond these monuments you have a sequence of monuments from early Christian basilicas and Romanesque churches to Renaissance palaces and fountains and churches of the Baroque Period.

While you are in Rome, you have to visit Vatican, especially the most notably St Peter’s Basilica that is the city’s monumental basilicas from the Renaissance architecture.

This city is also an artistic one. Throughout history, some of the great western art has its relation to Rome. This resulted in a city full of invaluable treasures.

During your stay the food and drink will be a pleasure for you. In Rome you eat well and drink even better. Don’t forget to go to the typical pizzerias.

Rome is amazing and so do is its atmosphere. Get drowned by the art and history surrounding you mixed with the relax feeling you will receive.