Seville's Hot Atmosphere

Seville is charismatic, pleasant, charming and really hot in the summer.

This city is beautiful, charming and fine in literally everything since its local people and visitors to its architecture in the buildings and streets.

Seville’s historic center is amazing to explore. You have the “Centro”, around the cathedral, the Alcázar, Calle Sierpes, andPlaza Nueva. This city is replete of amazing spots and streets to walkthrough but just southeast of Centro, you have the medieval Jewish quarter. Visit The Barrio de la Macarena to the northeast to experience the authentic Seville atmosphere and the Barrio Santa Cruz, as well. Another neighborhood to explore, on the far side of the Guadalquivir River, is in many ways the best of all—Triana, the traditional habitat for sailors, bullfighters, and flamenco artists, as well as the main workshop for Seville's renowned ceramicists.

In the summer Seville is really intense, hot and starts early, in May. This city has a flirtatious evolvement and the nightlife is nostalgic and energetic as any Mediterranean place.